The Rogers Locomotive & Machine Works

The Rogers Locomotive Works - Paterson, NJ

The Rogers Locomotive Works started its production in 1832, under the name "Rogers, Ketchum and Grosvenor". It wasn't originally formed to build locomotives, and didn't unveil its first locomotive until 1837. The Sandusky was its name, and it was built for the Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad. From this small start, the Rogers grew to build 550 of them by 1854.

The original factory was destroyed in a fire and a new factory was built on the corner of Spruce & Market Street. This building is still there. Things continued to go well for Rogers through the Civil war and into the 1880s. The Rogers name had become well known and respected.

By the time that Rogers stopped building Locomotives, it had built 6,200 units. But, the difficulty of delivering the engines, along with the Philadelphia builders' proximity to the Coal and Iron needed, gradually cut into the Paterson locomotive builders. The Rogers Company closed its doors in 1904.

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