Recollections of life in Paterson


 Jim Johnson

My name is Jim Johnson. I first lived at 132 Governor Street - Moved to 203 Summer Street and began kindergarden at Public School #6 on Carroll Street. Graduated in 1950 and became a Freshman at Eastside High School, graduating in June of 1954. In August of 1954 I joined the U.S. Air Force and from then till now only saw Paterson in small increments of time. Both parents died in Paterson, we moved again to the 200 block of Governor Street before I finished high school. My mother was the last to pass and lived in an apartment building for senior citizens at the time of her death. I don't recall what street that was on, She moved there some time after my Father passed away.

I have a multitude of fond memories of both grammar and high school in Paterson. Particularly my adventures in the Eastside High Drama Club and my good fortune to be a part of the New Jersey All-State Choir one year.

Paterson, and a couple of special childhood friends instilled in me a desire to succeed that paid off with a twenty year career in the Air Force and retirement. After retirement I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Southern Colorado and received a Masters Degree in Sociology from The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs - I retired at the U.S. Air Force Academy, a long way from Paterson. I went to work for Uncle sam again as a civilian and retired a second time in February 1999 from Civil Service in the Washington DC area.

I live in south west Virginia now close to the town of Lexington and VMI and Washington and Lee University. My life has been a success and I owe a great deal of that to Paterson. You see I was born in Lynchburg Virginia in 1936. Thankfully, my parents spirited me away to Paterson. There may not have been a promising future for me had I stayed in Coleman Falls, Va.

August 25, 2000

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